Yolococa Plastic Coffee Knock Box Container, Black

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  • ☕Material: ABS plastic and rubber bar. All food grade material is firm and durable. Non-slip rubber pad on the bottom helps reduce noise.
  • ☕Great Capacity: The design is based on a deep bowl with a large capacity, avoiding the splitting of coffee.
  • ☕Function: The main body made of ITL project rubber plays a role in buffering to protect the handle of the coffee machine when using the knock box.
  • ☕Scientific Design: The knock box is designed ergonomically. The opening is tilted down toward the front to give you the best angle for using the knock box.

Customer Reviews

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Mike McCulloch
Top job

Very solid and squat design allows for tea bags and coffee grounds. Bash as hard as you like. Rubber ring base keeps it steady. Dead easy to clean too.

Works great

This knock box fixed the problem with the rubber piece at the bottom. Works great.


Good size with nice chunky plastic - flimsy this is not! The rubber-coated bar is metal-cored and heavy, and the bottom has a rubber ring to prevent slipping. I'd say it holds about 15-20 pucks

Leo K
Better than I was expecting

I had reservations about the look and quality of this, but I've been pleasantly surprised. So it doesn't look much, but the matt finish means ut fades into the background. The rubber coated bar and rubber ring in the base mean it's really quiet in use, even if you hit it pretty gard to dislodge a stubborn puck.

Mick P
A super coffee waste knockout box

What a fantastic coffee knockout box this is.
It’s a lovely size suitable for the home coffee expert. Easy to clean simple are use does what it says on the box and very well priced.