Yolococa 56mm Pressure Coffee Tamper

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  • ☕BETTER TASTING ESPRESSO: For perfectionists who demand the best possible tasting espresso shot, our calibrated tamper ensures you get a 100% PERFECT TAMP EVERY TIME: The tamper is pressure sensitive - when fully compressed, the coffee grounds in the porta filler are compacted with consistent pressure every time - the perfect tamp for the best tasting espresso possible.
  • ☕100% RUST FREE & FOOD SAFE: While tampers made of lower quality materials can rust and flake off, we use the HIGHEST quality, FOOD-SAFE stainless steel for all of our products. 
  • ☕FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA: Any coffee lover or home barista will appreciate this amazing coffee tamper. Perfect for birthday, graduation, housewarming, or wedding gifts. A fantastic and elegant addition to any kitchen or coffee area.
  • ☕PROFESSIONAL QUALITY & SIZE: The calibrated espresso tamper has a 56mm puck and is designed to fit 56mm or larger portafilters on professional espresso machines. Please check your portafilter size.
  • ☕AFTER-SALES: If you encounter any problem while using the product, please feel free to contact us.


Premium handle

A good tamper is essential because by compressing the coffee grounds together it forms a flat, dense surface. Essential for pulling a professional quality shot.


Tampers are needed to compact the coffee grounds in a portafilter because the more compact the grounds are, the more pressure it takes for hot water to pass through the grounds.

304 stainless steel

Made of food-safe stainless steel, this tamper will not only provide a good espresso shot but will prevent any harmful chemicals or plating from other metal materials from contaminating your coffee.

Nice finish

It is a good addition to your coffee collection. Smooth textures and hefty feel.

    Customer Reviews

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    I cannot review that which I do not have: Yolococa 56mm Pressure Coffee Tamper

    I would review the Yolococa 56mm Pressure Coffee Tamper that I ordered, but I didn’t receive it. I was instead sent a conventional coffee tamper similar in appearance to the 58mm Ezebesta coffee tamper sold on the website, but 56mm and with no branding. I have repeatedly tried to contact the store about the error and have received no response. I would not hesitate to AVOID purchasing from this website in the future, and would advise potential purchasers to do the same.

    Clifford Joe
    Coffee 56mm Tamper

    works well exact size great for the money

    Consistent cups of espresso, everytime

    I am impressed. The consistent 30 psi makes perfect cups of espresso every time, as long as you have consistent coffee roasts, and freshly roasted beans. It all comes together like you wouldn't believe. This tamper works!!! It will be in use with EVERY cup.


    Great quality tamper for a superb price. I use it very easily