USEAMIE WDT Tool Coffee Grounds Needle Distributor

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  • ☕【Quality WDT Tool】Great device for breaking up clumps in your portafilter and helps leveling. Aids in grounds distribution.
  • ☕【0.4mm Needles】The most suitable thickness of the WDT tool, the installation is compact and not easy to fall, and the flat head design is safer than other products.
  • ☕【Instructions】1. Put the handle upside down on the table. 2. Insert the pins vertically into the slots. Easy to insert as long as the angle is vertical
  • ☕【Material】The handle is made of aluminum and the surface is polished.The ergonomic shape design makes it comfortable to hold. The needle is made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof, anti-corrosive, durable, safe and healthy to use.
  • ☕【Achieve Greater Consistency】Effectively reduce the spillage caused by clumping of fine coffee during brewing or the creation of channel effects, which rewards you with a high level of consistency in the cup.

Customer Reviews

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Much better than expected

The quality of this distributor is better than I expected. It is easy to install and firm. Besides, it makes coffee taste better. I also found there are two spare needles, so I highly recommend this product.

S. Chen
great addition to my espresso bar

ive been having trouble getting a consistent shot of espresso, it seemed like sometimes id get a lot of crema and other times it would be bland and watery. I figured my grind and tamp was probably not as consistent. this distributor worked great and now im getting rich crema every single shot, definitely recommended