USEAMIE 54mm Backflush Cleaning Disc

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  • ☕【Updated Design】The cleaning disc is exactly the same as the latest original accessories of the Breville coffee machine. Made from 100% silicone.
  • ☕【Clean Your Espresso Machine】Keeping your espresso machine clean is essential for getting the best shot of espresso. This backflush disk is an effective solution to help you maintain optimal coffee flow.
  • ☕【Widely Compatible】This backflushing disc is available in 3 different sizes that fit a wide range of devices: BREVILLE BES870XL BES860XL BES840XL BES450 BES500 BES878. BES880, GRUPPO IZZO, SPAZIALE, SAN MARCO, WEGA
  • ☕【Easy To Use】Simply place in the portafilter and run the cycle a few times. Follow the instructions or just search for "clean coffee machine" on YouTube.
  • ☕【1 or 2 Pack】1 Pack or 2 Pack options available. 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect size for the Breville Infuser standard portafilter. No hole, so they work perfectly.

These have no hole, so they work perfectly.

Works great for my Bambino plus

I bought my
Bambino second hand and it was missing a back flush disc. Importantly using this means very minimal water use during cleaning cycles.

Simply pop in the basket and put a cleaning tablet in. I use half a tablet and this seems plenty. A nice touch is that the disc has a silicone shape in the middle that nicely fits a tablet in.