USEAMIE Grouphead Gasket, White

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  • 【Widely Adapted】Our replacement ring is compatible with the following coffee machines: Breville Espresso Coffee Machine 870/860/840/810/450/500/878/880.
  • 【Perfect Fit】Our grouphead gasket is fully adapted to the coffee machine of the corresponding model and has perfect sealing. Please confirm the model of the coffee machine before purchasing.
  • 【Quality Material】Our steam ring is made of high-quality silicone materials that are heat-resistant, durable, and food-grade quality.
  • 【Perfectly Sealed】Silicone steam ring is soft and fits tightly after installation, so that no water will overflow.
  • 【Heat Resistant】Silicone steam ring can be used across a wide temperature range from-65°F / 54°C to 450°F / 230°C.

Customer Reviews

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worked for Breville BES840 XL

I needed a replacement pressure gasket for my BES840 XL. I purchased three different gaskets, as the text only said BES840, without the XL designation, and for each one there were several "doesn't fit" or "leaks" comments in the reviews. By visual and tactile comparison with the original, this gasket was identical. I installed it (easy, except the metal screen needed to be tightened until it reached a hard stop), and it held pressure and did not leak a drop on the first pull. Twisting in the group head was quite tight the first time, so I used the tiniest bit of coconut oil on the rim of the grounds cup the first time I twisted it in.

It should be noted that the other two gaskets, which seemed slightly smaller in diameter, and had more rounded outer rims, MIGHT have fit well, also. I did not try them as this one worked fine for me.


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