LEUOVE Aeropress Reusable Mesh Filter

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  • ☕These ultra fine metal filter are a fantastic alternative to the bleached disposable paper filters when you traveling with the coffee maker, save having to carry lots of paper filters.
  • ☕The fine mesh filter Fit well with the coffee maker, Produces noticeably better tasting coffee than the paper filters, The taste would be more richer, flavour, it adds more to your coffee experience.
  • ☕It is durable and reusable which made of food grade stainless steel, This make life easy a bit more and eco friendly.
  • ☕Get a metal mesh filter that lasts for a lifetime, They are also going to save you money over time.
  • ☕If you encounter any problem while using the product, please feel free to contact us.

Stainless Steel Metal Filter

It is durable can being wash many times and still filters your coffee fine.

Mesh Filter for Travel Coffee Maker

These mesh filters are handy when you want to take the coffee maker with you without having to travel with filter papers.

Reusable Metal Filter

These are a fantastic alternative to the bleached disposable paper filters.