LEUOVE 54mm Coffee Dosing Mug, Black

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  • ☕The 54mm dosing cup fits well in a SAGE machine with a 54mm filter, fits The Sage Barista Express, The Sage Barista Pro, The Sage Barista Touch. The diameter of the cup opening is 53.4cm.
  • ☕The 54mm dosing cup is made of sturdy aluminum metal. The black powder coating also looks very classy, and the coffee hardly sticks to it. You can simply wash the cup with a little water and dish soap.
  • ☕The dosing cup is ideal for catching the coffee powder from the grinder and then checking the weight on the scales. The small container can also measure the coffee beans before grinding.
  • ☕The built-in tab can start the grinder when the dosing cup is pushed in. The portafilter is then placed on the cup and then turned upside down, the coffee powder will not spill.
  • ☕The dosing cup holds significantly more than 100 grams of ground espresso. Double shots are ok.

Customer Reviews

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Less mess, great for measuring coffee dosage (ground or bean)

Great product, not only does it help me check the weight of my coffee from my machine when it grind it but it makes less wastage then using my group head.
It is also great for when I have a decaffeinated coffee as I use pre ground and its easy to weigh and put into the group head.

You could also use it to weigh your beans before you put them into your grinder if you were going to keep your grinder empty of if you had a separate grinder but I dont do that! lol

Also came well packaged which was nice.

Glad I made this purchase.