Ezebesta WDT Tool Grounds Needle Distributor (Walnut)

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  • ☕【Material】The handle and the stand are made of crude wood.The ergonomic shape design makes it comfortable to hold. The needle is made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof, durable, safe and healthy to use.
  • ☕【Affordable】We especially used lighter wood than others, so the WDT tool works as the same but much more affordable. (But we processed the wood covered with oil-based coating to make the wood more durable, which made the grain and texture of the wood look more obvious and clear, made them looks a little scratchy if you look closely. )
  • ☕【Thin Needles】Straight and thin needles with no rings on the tips give the perfect combination of rigidity and flex allowing you to break up clumps for a smooth extraction.
  • ☕【Quality WDT Tool】Great device for breaking up clumps in your portafilter and helps leveling. Effectively reduce the spillage caused by clumping of fine coffee during brewing or the creation of channel effects. Achieve greater consistency with extraction when pulling shots.
  • ☕【After Sale】You can always contact us when you have any questions and problems with it.


Easy to Clean

This tool is so easy to clean, since the metal part is made of stainless steel, you can just wipe it with towel.

Hollow Bottom

We made it hollow for easy cleaning, you can just flush it under faucet to clean the inner, since it's hollow, ensures good air circulation. If it's not hollow, then the coffee grounds accumulate on the bottom corner, makes it hard to clean, also bad air circulation causes mildew.

Our Brand: Ezebesta

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Customer Reviews

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Hefty 4-prone wdt

Big, hefty wdt tool. Good for people with big hands.

Nice tool for price

Had been skeptical about WDT tools, but this was not only a great price point, but happened to complement the cupboards around my shiny Rocket. 4 long pins. Works really quite well. Pins stiff enough to move through the grounds without flicking them about. Spaced well so a couple passes round the portafilter clearly redistributes. I swear my pucks are more even with tamping, and watching the bottomless portafilter bloom the tiger stripes is a thrill in symmetry.