Ezebesta Black WDT Tool Coffee Needle Distributor

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  • 【Package】A handle and 10 pins come separately in a box. The handle includes 8 slots to arrange, totally 10 pins(2 for spare use) CAUTION: When you first open the box, be careful not to hurt yourself since the needles are sharp and thin.
  • 【Material】The handle is made of aluminum and the surface is polished.The ergonomic shape design makes it comfortable to hold. The needle is made of high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof, anti-corrosive, durable, safe and healthy to use.
  • 【Instructions】1. Put the handle upside down on the table. 2. Insert the pins vertically into the slots. 3.You have to push the pin with certain force, and if you find it's a little bit hard to insert the pin, you can twist it slightly and then insert it. (You have to puncture the foam in the slots a little bit hard when you first insert the needles.)
  • 【Quality WDT Tool】Great device for breaking up clumps in your portafilter and helps leveling. Aids in grounds distribution. Effectively reduce the spillage caused by clumping of fine coffee during brewing or the creation of channel effects. Achieve greater consistency with extraction when pulling shots.
  • 【After-sales】Since the tool needs to be installed, you can always contact us when you have any questions and problems with it.

Easy to Clean

This tool is so easy to clean, since the metal part is made of stainless steel, you can just wipe it with towel.

Our Brand: Ezebesta

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    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect! The needles are just the right thickness for WDT.

    I bought this for 10 bucks, totally perfect for WDT.
    The base is surprisingly a good weight and the needles are just the right diameter for WDT - not too thin to not be able to move the grounds, but certainly not too thick to make troughs in the puck.
    I only used 4 of the needles because I think it works best for the purpose of WDT.

    Michael Clarke
    Coffee needle distributor works fine

    This coffee needle distributor tool works great.
    It's a little fiddly (technical term) to put the needles in, but just take your time.
    I got a pair of needle nosed pliers to help, but DON'T force the needle down into the internal foam holding pad. I just used the needle nose pliers to hold the needles and make it a bit easer to locate into the holes, but actually it was just as easy by hand.

    You may feel a hard resistance as you insert the needle, but be patient, take your time, just tap/jiggle (another technical term) the holder as well as 'jiggling' (serious technical term) the needle in the hole and you will locate it into the spot that gives a little and then the needle EASILY pushes down into the pad by hand, NO FORCE NEEDED.

    This little tool is a great value and feels nice and looks nice.
    Very happy with it.
    Got it along with some other fair priced tools to start learning about preparing the coffee into the basket to get the best extraction you can. I've only got a cheap K-Mart expresso machine and starting the journey of watching youtube videos (James Hoffmann etc) and experimenting with coffee bean dose size, tamping etc before I invest in a quality Espresso machine. But for now, this little K-mart cheapie makes pretty good coffee for the price.

    Craig Thomas
    Nice little tool.

    It’s a bit of a novelty, but it is easier than shaking the portafilter around and trying to get the same result.

    Useful tool

    This WDT tool really does make a big difference to the consistency of extraction 👍