Ezebesta 51mm and 58mm Dual-sided Tamper and Tamper Mat Set

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  • MATERIAL: This tamper is made of heavy duty cast aluminum alloy with no chemical coating that resists damage caused by the naturally occurring acids found in coffee, ensures long-term use. The tamper mat is made of high quality food grade silicone, completely safe,odorless and non-slip.
  • MULTI-COMPATIBLE: The dual ends of this tamper (51mm and 58mm) fit most portafilter baskets. Evenly distribute, compress and level ground coffee for a denser, richer and more flavorful espresso brew.
  • WITH TAMPER MAT: The tamper mat keeps the portafilter from sliding around while you're tamping. Protect counters and portafilters from damage.
  • EASY TO USE: So easy to clean, simply hand wash with water and dry thoroughly. Please do not place in dishwasher.
  • BETTER ESPRESSO: Extract richer flavor by tamping down your coffee or espresso. Compress ground espresso into a dense, evenly dispersed puck through which pressurized water flows slowly for a richer, flavorful extraction.

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perfect set

The coffee tamper and the coffee mat, perfect.