Creepyparty 45cm×30cm Non-Slip Draining Mat

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  • ☕MATERIAL: The draining mat is made of thermoplastic PVC and is therefore non-slip and durable. It is tear-resistant, flexible and odorless. You can wash this draining mat in the dishwasher as it is heat-resistant.
  • ☕FUNCTIONS: The large draining rubber mat protects sinks, dishes, cutlery and glassware from scratches. The heavy rubber mat is also suitable as a bar mat and helps to prepare drinks without staining or scratching your worktop. The item is also suitable as a base for a coffee machine.
  • ☕DESIGN: There are small knobs on the top that allow the water to drain, keep dishes stable and also dry faster than usual. This draining mat is stable and non-slip and has a high edge so that water cannot run off onto your countertop.
  • ☕EASY TO CLEAN: After draining, you can simply empty out the remaining water and wash the mat with water. This draining mat can also be washed in the dishwasher.
  • ☕HEAVY: The draining mat is heavy-duty and therefore lies well and securely on any surface, regardless of the drainage surface of the sink or on the worktop.

Customer Reviews

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Convenient and clean

Prefect and very comfortable.

Ralph M.
Functional draining mat

The drip mat works as expected. The underside is smooth and rests so well on my stainless steel sink that you could almost think it would stick. Even my 28 cast-iron pot, which dries at an angle on the mat, cannot move the mat a millimeter. Whether pots, pans or cutlery, everything dries completely without the tip of a spoon or pot handle being wet (compared to drying on the stainless steel sink itself). I only wish I had had this idea years ago. Since it's made of silicone, it's also easy to clean.