Creepyparty 21cm×14cm Coffee Tamper Mat

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  • Non-slip: Newly developed and improved as an upgraded Tamping Mat. This product consists of 5mm thick and durable silicone, which is raised to a full 6mm around the rim to ensure even more stability and surface protection. This Mat won't move while tamping. This item is PATEN REGISTERED.
  • No Mess: Helps contain the coffee grounds that spill while putting it in portafilter and when using the tamper. Helps to keep your work environment clean. There's a ‘hole’ at the top edge of this tamper mat which allows you to keep your coffee art pen.
  • Multifunction: Two depression circles, one for placing coffee tamper, the other for the coffee distributor. Or, you can use them any way that you find you enjoy. Two tamping station depressions allows you to try different angles and find your preferred way to tamp for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.
  • Countertop Protector: In high-use coffee bars, they give baristas much needed cushioning when tamping hundreds of times a day. For the home baristas they prevent expensive kitchen counters from scratched by the portafilters during tamping. The tamping station is very easy to clean and quick drying after washing, perfect for naked portafilters.
  • After-sales: If you encounter any problem while using the product, please feel free to contact us.

    Attractive design

    Made of premium silicone, Steady and durable, Tamping area to hold portafilter in place, Perfect for home or business.

    Wraps around your worktop

    This simple coffee mat is ideal for a busy barista in any food business looking to keep their work areas neater and protected.

    Easy to use

    It is the perfect addition for baristas.

    Customer Reviews

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    Franco R.
    Tip Top

    Barista Feeling Daheim

    Good for the price you pay

    If you like to prepare espresso and its accessories, it is suitable for you. If you're just starting out, that's fine.

    Nice size for my home machine

    Easy to clean, nice size, sturdy.