58mm Coffee Tamper With Calibrated Spring Loaded

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  • ☕58MM COFFEE TAMPER: This tamper is a good fit for all 58mm portafilters.It ensures that the coffee grounds in your portafilter are thoroughly compacted for even and consistent pressure every time, making your ESPRESSO coffee even better!
  • ☕New Design: Ergonomic design, combined with high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel material, durable and anti-corrosion, guaranteed to be the most comfortable COFFEE TAMPER you have ever purchased.
  • ☕Great for Professional Baristas: A good cup of coffee is inseparable from the even distribution of coffee powder, it can help you get a uniform and stable pressure in the process of making coffee, every professional barista should have this excellent tamper.
  • ☕30 Lbs of Pressure: This calibrated tamper delivers over 30 lbs of optimal pressure. Tried and tested has shown it's necessary for an espresso, and this NEW COFFEE TAMPER makes it easy for you.
  • ☕More Sizing Options: We provide you with 51mm and 58mm tamper for you to choose. 

Customer Reviews

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A Clever Design

Espresso is a hobby of mine. I say that as a warning that I am obsessed with making espresso, constantly updating my “gear” and attempting to improve my techniques (within budget limitations).

How one tamps is one of the many variables that influence the final product. A dozen years ago we were told that 30 ppi was the ideal tamping pressure. (It was even suggested to use a bathroom scale and press down to get a feel of what 30 pounds felt like.) Later, calibrated tampers were introduced outside my price range.

USEAMIE’s Premium Barista Coffee Tamper is a uniquely designed calibrated tamper. It is shaped like a grounds distributor rather than a traditional tamper and the 58 mm size perfectly rests over my Gaggia Classic’s portafilter. This shape has a great advantage over other tampers; because it evenly rests around the full outside circumference of the portafilter, it doesn’t/can’t be slanted, making it impossible to press down at an angle. It always produces a completely level tamp without any skill needed.

Spring loaded palm tamper, requires same pressure as any other tamper

Anyone who has ever brewed an espresso knows that the tamper process is one of the most important parts. If you do not tamper correctly, your coffee will be bitter and the extraction will be off. Finding a good tamper is not too hard as there are a lot of options out there, but this one intrigued me because of its non traditional shape.

Most tampers are tall handle shaped metal pieces that you have to twist your arm vertical, grip it sideways, and push hard enough to get 30 lbs of pressure. This can be hard on your wrists when tampering over and over again. This tamper is quite different as it has a “button” on top that is spring loaded relieving some pressure and you can push with your palm. There is a ring around the outside of the tamper that allows the unit to sit comfortably on the portafilter without sliding around. Simply grind your coffee, use a distributor tool (highly recommended), then set this tamper on the portafilter and press down firmly. The spring to me does not really regulate the proper pressure, but what it does do is give you a nice soft feeling while pushing down.