Responsible Brewing using Reusable Capsule Refill Kits & How to Choose One

The coffee industry has been at the forefront of combating climate change for many decades. Many respected coffee companies are leading in corporate responsibility for sustainability initiatives. From non-reusable cups at coffee shops to throwaway capsules for homebrewers, there are many things that you can do to be more responsible with your coffee habits.

One of the biggest ways is to invest in a Capsule Refill kit. Popular at-home espresso machines, like those in the Nespresso lines, are great for making quality coffee at home. The ease of use and the varieties of flavors available mean that you can constantly be trying new things and level up your coffee game.

The downside is that these machines rely on disposable capsules. These are sometimes referred to as pods. Plastic composes the entirety of each capsule. They are single-serve, meaning that they only are usable for one single cup of coffee.

If you drink 3 cups a day, that is 3 capsules. Multiply that by 6 days a week and 52 weeks a year and you have 936 capsules thrown away! There has to be a better way.

And there is.

Why You Should Get a Reusable Vertuo Capsule Refill Kit

We’ve already discovered why it is irresponsible for the environment to continue using capsule/pods in your Nespresso Vertuo (or similar machines). But what should or can you do about it?

Refillable capsule kits are your answer.

Nespresso refillable capsule kits allow you to reduce waste and your carbon footprint. If you have non-reusable capsules right now, you needn’t worry. A refill kit will let you use those old capsules with new foils. Simply clean the capsule, add new ground coffee, and apply the new foil. Now you have a sealed capsule that you can use again!

What to Look for in a Nespresso Capsule Refill Kit

When purchasing one of these kits you are looking for a few things to make your life easier.

  1. Does it have a capsule holder for easier capsule refills?
  2. Does it have useful tools like a cleaning brush or a coffee scope if you don’t have those already?
  3. Does it include over 50 foils?

These accessories will make your refilling of capsules so much easier. The capsule holder holds steady the capsule (which has a round bottom) so that you can put coffee into it without making a mess on your workstation.

A cleaning brush helps you get the previous use’s coffee out of the capsule so that you can add the new coffee cleanly.

And your kit should have more than 50 foils. Ideally, it should have 100. This is so that you don’t have to order new foils every couple of weeks. Get enough to work with for a while and reduce your shipping costs.

SPECOFFEE Has the Kits You Need

For those looking for a premium solution, look no further than our Metal Holder kit. This unique design makes sealing your capsules after refill very easy. This kit comes with a cleaning brush, 100 foils, and a coffee scope.

If you need a simpler solution, we offer our wooden holder which requires a little more manual work. But this kit still comes with the cleaning brush, coffee scope, and 100 food-grade, aluminum foils.

Shopping with SPECOFFEE makes your life easier as you become a better barista or home brewer. With all the tools you need, you can shop our trusted selection to level up your brewing game. SPECOFFEE makes you a better coffee connoisseur.