My Observations: Coffee Tamper

Do you know a coffee lover? Having the right gear and brewing the tastiest coffee is crucial when you punctuate your day with coffee breaks. It is no secret that coffee lovers are always looking for the next best brew and unique flavours. At Specoffee we have coffee accessories to suit any style, budget and experience level.

Today I’ll introduce a coffee tamper to you. If you're using an espresso machine, you need a coffee tamper. Proper tamping technique is one of the key variables in making a good espresso, but it's also a skill that typically requires a bit of time and practice. What you'll find is that you just can't get a proper grip on the plastic tamper that's included with most Breville machines, which doesn't make them at all conducive to a level tamp. This is where our coffee tamper comes into play. I'm going to split this into various tamper sizes 51mm and 58mm to fit different machine’s portafilter. There's not a great deal to be said about this tamper really – it's very much a tried and tested tamper combination this, a thick stainless steel flat base with a wooden handle. The handle is Walnutwood, the metal part is stainless steel, which is nice touch and look. And the Metal part is removable from wooden handle for easy cleaning.I think that's what makes it better than other coffee tampers. Besides, it comes with a round rubber mat to place the espresso tamper on before and after use protect your counter from scratching. it weighs 360g, which is ergonomic, works smoothly even without applying lots of strength. 


You can also check out the shop for various kinds of coffee tampers.

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