How to Choose the Right Coffee Tamper for Your Coffee Bar

Why You Need a Quality Coffee Tamper In Your Coffee Station

There are a few essential tools that you’ll want to have handy when you start making espresso. Dosing funnels, coffee tampers, and tamper mats will make your life much easier when pulling the perfect shot.

A coffee tamper is a tool used to compress the ground coffee to prepare for brewing in a premium espresso machine. A tamper is a cylindrical tool made to exactly fit your portafilter in order to evenly extract the coffee as you pull your shot. They can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.

The most important thing about a coffee tamper is that it needs to fit your espresso machine’s portafilter. Without a proper fit, you will be left with an uneven surface and grounds that are compressed at different rates throughout. As well as being the appropriate size, it should also have a perfectly flat bottom so that when you tamp the coffee, all of it will fill the filter basket evenly. This is essential for a smooth shot pull.

A good quality tamper usually has a long handle and is easy to grip even in wet conditions. The best type of tampers are those with an ergonomic handle that won’t slip out of your hands when applying optimal pressure to the coffee grounds. The base is usually made of metal but the handle could be made of various materials.

Ultimately, the handle material that you choose should match the aesthetic that you are going for. Some woods or brass handles may go well in a warm coffee station environment. Black plastic or stainless steel/aluminum may pair well with a colder overall aesthetic. It’s your choice so long as you ensure the coffee tamper’s quality is best-in-class!

The Best Coffee Tampers on

As we’ve explored, coffee tamping is an important step in the process of making the perfect espresso. It is used for compacting coffee grounds to ensure that they remain in place when hot, pressurized water is introduced. This promotes an even pull which helps to extract more flavor from the coffee grounds. Using one of our premium coffee tampers ensures that you will have an optimally flavored shot of espresso.

Best Wooden Handled Coffee Tamper

USEAMIE Wooden Handled Coffee Tamper 58mm or USEAMIE Wooden Handled Coffee Tamper 51mm

This tamper features a beautiful wooden handle, ergonomic design, and flat stainless steel tamping base. This particular one comes with a fitted silicon mat for clean and protected storage of the tamper.

Best Coffee Tamper for Sage Machines

LEUOVE 53mm Coffee Tamper for Sage

This Coffee Tamper comes with a mechanism for adjustable depth. By rotating the adjusting ring, the metal core extends or contracts back so you can have your preferred level of compression. Storage mat included.

Best Coffee Tamper with Pressure Calibrated Spring

Hovely 58mm Coffee Tamper

This elegant tamper includes a pressure calibrated spring that helps ensure optimal tamping pressure. This tamper includes a rubber mat for safe and clean storage of the tamper.

Best Dual Size Coffee Tamper

Ezebesta Dual-Sided Coffee Tamper; 58mm & 51mm in one tool

This tamper is perfect for those who have multiple espresso machines with different sized portafilters. Use one tamping tool and fit both 58mm and 51mm portafilters. This set also includes a storage mat that protects the tamper.

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