5 benefits of putting Breville 54mm coffee dosing funnel machine at the office

Most companies like to provide a pleasing environment for their employees. Remember that happy employees are always productive and efficient. It has been proven that a hot drink machine in the office is effective in so many ways. And that will be the case for you if you decide to install a high-quality coffee machine in your office for your employees. 

Most working people derive energy from coffee to stay on top of their tasks. But few workplaces don't have coffee machines due to which people go and buy them from the outside. This results in wasting of time and shifting of focus. By installing a coffee machine, employees won't go out and buy coffee, instead, they can enjoy a good cup of coffee right at their workplace. The employees will be thrilled to get access to a nice, hot, and quality coffee at any time of the day. 

Here are some benefits of putting a Breville 54mm coffee dosing funnel machine at the office

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1.Improves productivity

To increase productivity in the office, we need to have a short break during our working hours. Having beverages like coffee or tea will instantly boost the energy level of the employees. Research has shown that providing your employees with a cup of coffee will reduce their stress and will put them in a positive mindset while working. Overall the

satisfaction level of your staff will be improved, making them more alert and motivated.   

 2.Saves time

Employees love taking coffee breaks during working hours. If you don't have a coffee machine, they will leave the office at some point to have a cup of coffee at the nearest cafe. If we calculate the time, leaving their office, walking to the cafe, and waiting to get their drink, it will take somewhere around twenty minutes. But if you provide them with a coffee dosing funnel machine that could serve them a cup of coffee, they will be back to work in comparatively less time.   

3.Keeps your employees healthy

Coffee is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can boost your health. It helps lessen the risk of diseases, such as diabetes. The instant satisfaction of making a cup of coffee for yourself will give you the much-needed break. A study has proven that drinking coffee before working on a computer can have pain-relieving effects. And if you are drinking about two cups of coffee, it can reduce muscle pain by up to 48 percent.

4.Improved working atmosphere

It is known that having a coffee machine will make a more sociable situation resulting in a relaxed environment. The mood of the workplace will be motivated and will boost the morale of the staff. As we already know that coffee fights off tiredness, and increases mental alertness and stamina, it also helps in building improved communication between the employees. 

5.Create a good impression

There are a lot of companies or organizations that interact with their customers physically daily. In that case, if you put a coffee machine for those waiting customers, it will leave a good impression on them. This will help a company to come in the good books of the customer and more likely that the customer will come back to do business with your company. 

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To conclude

As per a recent study, offices adding coffee machines are providing more opportunities for growth. Adding a coffee machine will always be a win-win situation for everyone. Remember, investing in a coffee machine will have nothing but a positive effect on your employees. It will not only show that you care for your employees but will boost their efficiency too. If you are planning to put in a coffee machine then consider buying a Breville 54mm coffee dosing funnel machine from SPECOFFEE. They offer high-quality machines at budget-friendly prices.